My name is Baneen and I am the proud owner of Bliss Beginnings. As a business that specializes in wedding and event décor, I first found my love for design inside my own home. I would use whatever I found in my home and use it as inspiration to create my vision for elegant wedding setups.

Here I am now, seven years later, running a successful business as a wedding decorator, as I help others envision their dream wedding and make sure it becomes their reality. During the initial consult, I sit down with my clients one on one and together we come up with a vision and a budget. During this stage of the process, it is my top priority to offer exclusivity and personal attention to the details of each setup. This method earns me great satisfaction from my clients, as they truly love this portion of the service. In addition, a sketch is usually provided to help the client visualize the setup. I also make sure that I am available to my clients regarding any questions or concerns they may have either through additional meetings or phone consultations. As the owner of Bliss Beginnings, it is my priority to make my clients special day as stress free as possible. I know my job is done when I receive feedback from my clients expressing that I exceeded their expectations and made their special day even more so.





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